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Eavestroughs Design Considerations





Many options are available to choose from when it comes to the type of Eavestroughs to be installed. The most common materials used include vinyl, copper, lead, aluminium, steel, and to a lesser extent, wood. Each of these materials has its unique advantages and disadvantages. In the case of vinyl, it is usually easier to install than metal, and costs considerably less. It also comes in virtually any colour you can desire as it is easily paintable. However, it lacks the longevity that comes with most metal gutters. Metal gutters tend to be more weather resistant, and therefore require less service and maintenance.


When installing an Eavestroughs, it is essential to give the channel a slight tilt to allow the water to automatically move in the direction of the downspout, at a slope of 1 inch per 40 feet of gutter. The highest point of the Eavestroughs must be at the opposite end of the downspout to force the water to flow downward and away from the house. As the accumulated water is being emptied out of the gutter, it simultaneously cleans out the Eavestroughs of any debris and leaves. You can avoid clogging in the downspouts by inserting strainers at each opening, or installing a proprietary "Leafguard System". Splash blocks beneath each downspout are required to divert the water away from the house's foundation.


Even with the best Eavestroughs systems, you should still expect to service your gutters at least twice a year. Over time, leaves, dirt, and other foreign matter build up inside your gutters and can lead to blockages that render your Eavestroughs ineffective. Regularly cleaning your gutters is the best way to keep your gutters running smoothly and prolong their lifespan.


Amongst the metals, copper is the most aesthetically appealing due to its beautiful, rustic, reddish colour. However, keep in mind that unless the copper is clear coated with a varnish, it will eventually turn green over time due to oxidization if exposed to air and moisture. One downside to copper compared to vinyl or aluminium is its high cost. It may seem like a hefty price to pay at the time of installation, but over time, copper may be a more cost effective option due to its high quality and durability.


Basement Flooding Protection

What is the problem?
Sewer and surface drainage systems are designed to handle a certain intensity of storms. It is not practical to design sewer systems to handle all possible types of storms. Depending on the amount of rainfall and how fast it falls, the sewer and surface drainage systems can be overwhelmed in any area of the city resulting in the risk of basement flooding.

Sewer systems in the City of Toronto, for example, consist of both public and private drainage systems that work together to move sanitary flow (sewage and wastewater from toilets, sinks and laundry, etc.) and storm water (rainfall and snowmelt) safely away from homes and streets. The public system is owned and operated by the Municipality. The private system is the responsibility of the property owner. Both the City and the property owner need to take actions to reduce the risk of basement flooding.

What is the city doing to reduce the risk of flooding?
The City of Toronto has taken steps to prevent the overloading of the sewers that cause surface and/or basement flooding. Some of these initiatives have also improved storm water quality. Actions taken to date include:

Storm water detention ponds
Constructed wetlands, these initiatives keep storm water out of the sewers and use natural systems to remove pollutants, which leads to a higher quality of storm water ultimately being released into Lake Ontario.
Downspout disconnection program and public education.
Water-efficiency programs to reduce wastewater volumes.
Improvements to local sewer systems.


Poorly maintained gutters and drains can cause serious problems. Without regular inspection and cleaning, blockages in modern drainage systems can have severe effects on the system's performance, resulting in damage to buildings, basement leaks, brick repair, insurance and ultimately your house.

It is extensively recognized that buildings are a valuable asset, which must be maintained in order for them to retain their value. Moreover there are also basic statutory requirements that buildings should be kept safe for their occupants and passers-by.

Areas such as eaves-trough and downpipes are often overlooked, or ignored until there is a serious problem. Money can be saved, if annual maintenance checks are done. Regular checks and maintenance of all aspects of a building's drainage systems, provide the best way to protect the value and character of any building, old or new.

Stay on top of your eaves-trough cleaning, we recommend cleaning Eavestroughs twice a year.


SAGGING EAVESTROUGHS: will prevent water from draining away properly. Either raise the sagging section or lower the mouth of the downspout to line up the system. Care is needed when you raise or lower the eaves-trough because sealed joints (such as on galvanized steel) can break if moved too much. Choose the option that will move the eaves-trough the least.

PINHOLE LEAKS: in the Eavestroughs or leaks at the connections can  be repaired by using silicone caulking compound. Eavestroughs patching kits can be used for large leaks but patching is only a temporary solution. Replacing the leaky Eavestroughs is the better solution.

Eavestroughs Cleaning

It is very important to up keep your home especially cleaning your Eavestroughs 1 to 2 times per year. Drainage issues are the #1 cause of basements from leaking. Not properly routing your downspouts away from your house can cause serious damage and unwanted costs of waterproofing your basement. In the event of this unfortunate situation and your basement does leak give us a call when your basement is waterproofed and we will properly route your downspouts to the most appropriate location


Install Strong Durable Gutters To Protect Your Home


Properly installed gutters are absolutely vital to the protection of your property. In order to ensure that water is effectively removed away from your home, make sure to use durable and reliable gutters, as they are an essential part in your outdoor drainage system.


 Gutters will prevent water from dripping down the sides of a building, which could cause damaging mould and mildew. Water can crack windows and also potentially crack the foundation of a home. If water enters even the smallest of cracks, it can freeze, causing cracks to expand even more. Serious foundation damage is very expensive and can also be extremely hazardous to people within a building. By installing gutters you can also prevent the possibility of basement or landscape flooding.


 When it comes to selecting the best material for gutters, there are many factors to consider. Master Metal Men provides a large selection of materials and can install the strongest gutters available in Toronto and the GTA. In both aluminum and copper, we will not only will install your gutters, we also provide professional and efficient Eavestroughs and gutter cleaning services.


When selecting the material for your gutters, it is important to consider the benefits of both aluminum and copper. Aluminum is a less expensive material and will not rust. The installation process is not time-consuming and aluminum is a lightweight material that is available in a variety of colors. If looking to coordinate your gutters with the exterior siding of your building, aluminum offers a variety of color options. Aluminum is also durable and can hold up against the harsh Canadian climate.


While aluminum is a strong material, it is not nearly as strong as copper. Copper is the most durable material available for a guttering system. Although it is slightly more expensive then aluminum, it has a life span of up to 100 years and will not need to be replaced anytime soon after installation. Copper contains elements such as algaecide and fungicide, which will naturally decompose moss, leaves and other debris that can cause gutter blockages. It will not rust and corrode and provides an elegant appearance to any building. When copper is first installed, it gives off a shiny bronze coloring and gradually matures into a beautiful green patina. Copper will withstand the elements better then any other material. It is also a sustainable material. Therefore, by selecting copper, you are going with an eco-friendly option.




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