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Serving Metropolitan Toronto and the GTA.


Master Metal Men provides complete weather protection for your home or business.


We specialize in designing and installing custom Eavestroughs, Fascia and Soffit systems, Roofs, Windows and Doors, Flashing, Siding and Architectural Metalwork


We provide the total solution for protecting your home or business from the cold, heat, rain, snow and wind.


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New Installations, repairs and replacements to single resident properties of all types and sizes. Flat and sloping roofing Including shingle, metal, cedar or tile. Eavestroughs including leaf protection systems. Fascia and Soffit repair or replacement. Repair or replacement of wood, metal, vinyl or fibreboard Siding. Installation or replacement of  new wood, metal vinyl or fibreglass windows and doors.




Master Metal Men specializes in fabricating and installing unique architectural elements as well as standard materials. For some examples of our work please review our project gallery. New construction or repair to all exterior roofing and non-masonry cladding for factory, warehouse, office, retail or multiple occupancy condominiums or apartment buildings.




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